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Alignment.  Action.  Success.  


Engaging people around what is possible to accomplish.

We work alongside your team as a partner that is committed to your results.  We stay on the project until it is done.  Most important, we make everyone on the team more effective in a a lasting way.






aligns  your people, processes and priorities.

We've worked with organizations to build effective relationships, gain cost savings and turn business strategy into reality.

The following is a representative sampling of our work:



Our Work


Financial Services

Devised an operational strategy and vision for change for client services.


Developed the client services implementation plan.


Designed and led a comprehensive business planning process to transform the relationship of technology groups to the business.

Executive team bought in and approved comprehensive implementation plan.

Re-organized fifty-three financial and technical help desks into an enterprise-wide high performing client care service organization

Transformed a reactive technical organization into a collaborative model closely aligned with the retail and institutional segments of the business


Aligned all functions, business operations and infrastructure with the business strategy.

Enabled the execution of a languishing but critical business strategy


Developed and delivered a training program to business leaders

Improved leadership that enabled teams to work more effectively with their clients

Defense Technology

Brought two contentious organizations together to resolve issues, develop joint processes, metrics and systems in conjunction with a collaborative model for ongoing communication and decision making.

Leveraged the full value of the outsourcing strategy, realizing additional cost savings while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction


Designed and delivered anew manager assimilation program in light of specific cultural issues

Enabled new managers to accelerate integration into their business units and build effective relationships with their supervisors, colleagues and staff in order to improve retention and cultural fit




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